The South Coast Sampler, by David Powdrell, Co-chair- Carpinteria Arts Center,, 2/20/16

By Arts Fund SB on Feb 24, 2016 in Press

The South Coast Sampler
updated: Feb 20, 2016, 11:00 AM

By David Powdrell, Co-chair – Carpinteria Arts Center

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. 

Art curator extraordinaire, Nancy Gifford, in her current, all-Carpinteria show, South Coast Sampler, confirms that the little hamlet of Carpinteria is home to an incredible array of world class artists.  Carpinteria residents Sean Anderson, Chris Baker, Stuart Carey, Patricia Houghton Clarke, Pamela Enticknap, Julie B. Montgomery, Garrett Speirs and Arturo Tello are highlighted for their unique, creative, inspiring and diverse works.  Each of these artists captivates us; takes us on a wonderful and unique journey with their art. 

Gifford brings to our attention that Carpinteria is quickly gaining recognition as an important arts community.  The eight artists chosen for Nancy’s South Coast Sampler are leading the charge.  Behind them are dozens of other brilliant artists; Meredith Abbott, Cayetana Conrad, Rebecca Stebbins, Whitney Brooks Abbott, Leigh Sparks, Gary Campopiano, Kim Snyder, the Anderson Collective, Tom Mace, Blair Harper, Sharon Schock, Beth Schmohr, Ted Rhodes, John Wullbrandt, Lety Garcia, CK Lord, Ray Cole, Rosa Markolf, Juanita Villa Leman, Abraham Coleman, Lawrence Wallin, Melinda Wittwer, Deb Jorgensen and a slew of emerging artists too many to name.

Edhat tip:  Anyone wishing to take a peek into the studios of some of Carpinteria’s finest artists should consider taking the Artist Studio Tour to take place on May 7 & 8, 2016.  Details at: Carpinteria Artist Studio Tour

South Coast Sampler is hanging at the Arts Fund Santa Barbara, 205C Santa Barbara Street in the Funk Zone until March 26th.  I highly recommend you check out the show; the art is powerful, thought-provoking and revolutionary. 

Thank you, Nancy, for letting the cat out of the bag, for reminding us all to celebrate art and to support our local artists.  It could be one of your best investments.