Our Donors and Sponsors
     Municipal Wine

   Figueroa Mtn Brew                                                                                                                          


Chagall Level of $5,000


Ann Wall Frank

Joanne Holderman

Maryan Schall

Mary Dee Thompson

Kahlo Level of $2,500

Jayne Brechwald and Gary Elkins

Nancy and Michael Gifford

Pollock Level of $1,000

Leinie Schilling Bard

Polly and Geoff Bloomingdale

Marcia and John Mike Cohen

Shirley Dettmann

Chris and Bob Emmons

Rosemarie and Bill Gebhart

Gary and Cheryl Justice

Siri and Bob Marshall

Warhol Level of $500

Denison Family Foundation- Paul, Downing andTessa Denison

Andy and Liz Dettmann

Catey and Ken Dunkley

Judy and Rob Egenolf

Chris Elstner and Buellton Medical Clinic

Rosalind A. and Ronald D. Fendon

The Giles Family Foundation

Luci and Rich Janssen

Susan Matsumoto and Melvin Kennedy

Jim Kearns

Leatrice Luria

Adelaide and Peter Stalker

Suzanne Von Drehle

Mary Whalen

Robert and Debbie Wright


The Arts Fund is extremely grateful to the following individuals and foundations for their support of our mission to foster and promote local arts.

$7,500 and above


Ann Jackson Family Foundation         Santa Barbara Foundation        The Towbes Group, Inc.

$5,000 - $7,499
Ove W. Jorgensen Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999
Carl's Jr.
Gary Elkins and Jayne Brechwald
Nancy and Michael Gifford
Joanne Holderman
Richard and Maryan Schall

$1,500 - $2,499
Robert and Christine Emmons
Ann Frank, The Gracie Charitable Foundation
Ian M. Hassett Foundation
Dr & Mrs. Richard Kahler
Elizabeth and Robert Manger
Morris Squire Foundation

$1,000 - $1,499
Susan Bower
Marcia and John Cohen
Bill and Joan Crawford
Andy & Liz Dettamnn
Shirley Dettmann
Diane Dodds and David Reichert
Catey and Ken Dunkley
Christopher Elstner
Robert & Christine Emmons
Diane and Mike Giles
Alice Gillaroo and Susan Jorgensen
Lynn Karlson
Herbert Kendall
Lehrer Family Foundation
Leatrice Luria
Montecito Bank and Trust
Mosher Foundation
Dorothy B. Roberts
Judith F. Smith
Anne and Michael Towbes

$500 - $999
Ablitt's Fine Cleaners
Claudia Chapman
Oswald Da Ros
Judy and Rob Egenolf
Friends of Westmont Ridley-Tree Musuem
Bill and Rosemarie Gebhart
Rosiland R. Gies-Amorteguy
Cynthia James
Just Folk
Ann Lippincott and Ned Emerson
Christine Loizeaux
Joetta McClintock
Kathleen McClintock, DDS
Diane McQuarie
Thomas and Eileen Mielko
Northern Trust
Susan and Terry Northrop
Kyle Slattery
Peter and Debby Stalker 
Herbert and Karen Tews
Mary D. Thompson
Daniel and Dianne Vapnek
Suzanne Von Drehle