Cheryl Doty

FZAW Online Artist Spotlight

November 2020 - February 2021

Cheryl Doty

My art is a representation of what I've seen before, what I imagine, along with the emotional connection of personal interactions. I'm constantly absorbing the visuals around me and integrating them in my mind. I’m motivated by unique colors, textures, designs of the physical world and the spirt of the people in it. I prefer large canvases because they give a feeling of openness with no limit. I find the creative process stimulating and relaxing.  The end result is always a surprise to me and provides an emotional release. 

About the Artist

Cheryl’s lifetime passion for art and design has led her down many paths.  The past decade has brought her a renewed focus to her fine art which was put on the back burner for many years for work and family.  Whether it is painting regularly in her studio, taking classes at Art Center in Pasadena, or studying under the auspices of masters such as Jove Wang, she is constantly working to grow as an artist.


Her inspiration comes from many places:  expressions on faces, the movement of light, traces of images, placement of color, or a photograph.  Her paintings are in varying mediums but primarily oil on canvas or board.  The portraiture and figurative work builds on emotional connection with the subject.  Her landscapes explore the interaction of location, light, texture and dimension, in abstract or impressionist style.  Her expressive brush strokes give life to her work, always working to capture the emotion of the subject person or place.

Born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan, Doty found a life-long passion for the outdoors which continues to motivate her today.  After studying art in Chicago, she started Doty & Associates, a very successful signage and graphic design company with offices in Chicago, Seattle and Portland.  She built an A-list clientele as Nike, Nordstrom, Delta, AT&T and, after 20 years, sold the company to her employees.  She relocated to an historical property in Montecito, that was once part of the George Knapp estate, where she finds inspiration and serenity through her art.



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