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Rincon Brewery

FZAW Online Artist Spotlight

November 2020 - February 2021

Resident Artist David J. Diamant

205 Santa Barbara St.

12pm - 5pm

Fridays thru Sundays


Rincon Brewery

Rincon Brewery has rotating artists represented at all three of our locations. As a business, we love to represent local 805 artists and show their artwork. The artwork adds to our spaces and introduces others to the talent we have locally. 


Some of our owners used to own Santa Barbara Outfitters in SB and that is where the rotating artist program started for these business owners. It is now embraced by Rincon Brewery in the Funk Zone of SB, Carpinteria, and Ventura 


Currently at RB SB is the Monarch Butterfly show - Kaleidoscope Series - Remembering Elwood by David J. Diamant. We also have notecards by Liz Brady for sale. Liz is one of the artists of the Green House Studios across the street from RB SB. Her paintings of earth, sky and sea are represented in her notecards.

David J. Diamant

Kaleidoscope: Remembering Ellwood, 2020

I remember going to Ellwood Monarch Butterfly Preserve in Goleta and being fascinated by the tens of thousands of Monarchs. Specifically, the ginormous clusters hanging from the high branches of the Eucalyptus trees....a respite during the migration. It hasn't been like that for over a decade. The irony of the dwindling population and the symbolism from the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead is palpable: the souls of ancestors who are returning to Earth for their annual visit.


This series, “Kaleidoscope: Remembering Ellwood,” visually explores the relationship of color, memory and intention. I remember looking up towards the blue sky, seeing the light through the slight movement of the animated orange spotted bursts of flutter in the breeze; the sound hardly distinguishable from the long hanging leaf rustles. Now I think of the Butterfly Effect: “the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.”

About the Artist

David J. Diamant currently splits his time between Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley. He is thankful for the opportunity to create in several different studios in the Funk Zone as well as his home studio. Diamant works with pen & ink, photography, digital imaging, acrylic and spray paint, plexiglass, wood, canvas and murals. He is available for commissions. After growing up in Santa Barbara, CA he attended undergraduate at University of Colorado at Boulder and graduate school at University of New Mexico for Organizational Communication. He returned to Santa Barbara in 2002.



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