Arts @ Art Encounters

Montecito, CA

A fundraiser for The Arts Fund, entitled "ART ENCOUNTERS: A Garden of Experiential Delights"

Images in this gallery are (c) 2016 by BeatArtist Joanne Calitri

"Chaos Snake" by Alan Macy
Graffiti by Chadillac Green
"Retail Therapy" by Charles Starr
Graffiti by Danny Meza-6
"Elevated Dreams" by Autumn Phillips, music by Zethan & The Tribe
"The Meadow is Ten Kisses Wide" by Dorothy Churchill-Johnson
"Live in 3-D" by Hacker Space, artist Mike Bales
"Head Space" by Luis Velazquez
"Dr. Simon Pure's Art Movement: Desensitization and Reprocessing" by Maiza Hixson
"Luminous Gestures: Thermal Magic" by Marco Pinter
"Cosmic Sea Urchin" by Pali X Mano (Pali Szilvassy)
"Cosmic Sea Urchin" by Pali X Mano (Pali Szilvassy)
"Becoming Light" by Tim Wood
"Becoming Light" by Tim Wood
"Tulle Falls" by Jonathan Smith and Kym Cochran