Tofer Chin

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Shift No. 1 by Tofer Chin

The Arts Fund is pleased to announce the completion of a new mural for the Funk Zone Public Art Program. Located on the enigmatic Grain Silo at 118 Gray Avenue, the new mural titled, Shift No. 1, was executed by Los Angeles based artist, Tofer Chin. Also joining in on the project was a group of students from Youth Interactive. The Arts Fund would like to give a special thank you to Mesa Lane Partners for their continued support of the public art program and providing the funding to create this mural.

"Shift No. 1 is a continuous investigation of view through a keyhole perspective while shifting one’s view away from the familiar by opening up a new architectural dimension of color and emotion.”

Tofer Chin, 2016

About Tofer Chin

Tofer Chin creates geometric paintings, sculptures, and photographs that interpret his observations of urban and natural landscapes. He investigates images and patterns in locations around the world, from the architectural facades in São Paulo to the rock formations of Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park, representing them as minimalist forms and patterns. In addition to his gallery-scale works, he also paints large outdoor murals in international settings, using entire buildings as his canvases as well as permanent and semi-permanent site specific sculptural installations.

Chin's work merges the objective and subjective to present a particularly honed vision. "Although each work adheres to a formulaic expression, it is a window into a psychological space within the viewer, as each work is based on the keyhole perspective, seeing only a portion of what's behind," he says.

Tofer has exhibited nationally and internationally in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and Madrid. He's produced outdoor sculptural and mural installations in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Nicaragua, Japan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago.

About Mesa Lane Partners

Mesa Lane Partners is a full-service real estate investment, development and hospitality firm based in Santa Barbara, CA. It is committed to creating value by developing thoughtful projects that promote the health of future occupants, the wellbeing of the wider community, and the preservation of the local and global environment. With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mesa Lane Partners is expanding its footprint across the state of California, with innovative projects like AutoCamp and the Inn at Mattei's Tavern. Learn more at 

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