Ruth Ellen Hoag

The Arts Fund Presents...

East of Yesterday by Ruth Ellen Hoag

at 10 East Yanonali Street

The Arts Fund is happy to announce the completion of East of Yesterday by Ruth Ellen Hoag. The Arts Fund thanks Yanonali Partners, LLC and Santa Barbara Beautiful for funding this project. Special thanks to Milpas Rentals for the equipment, Impact Hub for hosting, and Gregory Beeman, Manuel Unzueta and John Hood for lending their time and expertise.

About Ruth Ellen Hoag

"I was given the challenge to depict the history of the Funk Zone through current day. Hours were spent combing through the Gledhill Library, talking to long-time residents and businesses in the area. Never the glamorous part of town, little visual information was available. It was warehouses, boats and fishermen, airplanes, surfboards, skateboards and artists. Today, it remains an area for craftsmen and artists, plus tourists, food, wine, beer and the beach. Little by little it all became visible to me, and I’ve painted it as I see it. We live in the moment, as those portrayed along the lower portion of the murals, unaware of those who came before, those who walked the same streets.

Having been a musician all my life, I come to painting with my ears as well as my eyes, heart and soul. As in music, there’s a physicality associated in creating a painting, the action of mind and body in the process. To show what something feels like is what I hope to convey in paint."

-Ruth Ellen Hoag

Below are the legends for East of Yesterday. To access a high resulution image to print out from home, you can follow this link for legend 1, and click here for legend 2.

                                       Ruth Ellen Hoag mural legend 1                                                                  Ruth Ellen Hoag mural legend 2