Danny Meza

The Arts Fund Presents...

Dark Waves Covering my Eyes by Danny Meza

at 219 Grey Avenue

"The best way I can describe this piece without talking about death is to say that this person is lost. Although it may be hard to see it, there is a person being caught in mysteriously dark waves, it wasn't water, so it might not have been in the ocean. Sometimes as an artist, I don't know what my paintings are about or always understand them but I always have a sense of what’s going on, like it’s telling me a story, fictional or non-fictional. In this case, what I see here is a person has no idea how they got there, so I imagine that they are frightened. As they look around to find out what’s going on, their insides start to glow bright like lights. The light from the left eye shines so bright it cuts a hole through a wave covering their eyes, finally being able to see that they are not going home after this."

– Danny Meza  

This project was funded by The Arts Fund.