Leslie Lewis Sigler

The Arts Fund Presents...

Silver Spoon #125, The Import by Leslie Lewis Sigler

at 123 Santa Barbara Street

The Arts Fund is pleased to announce the completion of Silver Spoon #125, The Import by Leslie Lewis Sigler. Thank you to The Squire Foundation for funding this project. Special thanks to PPG  Paints for materials and Max Torres and Manuel Unzueta for lending their time and expertise.

About Leslie Lewis Sigler

Leslie Lewis Sigler is a still-life painter who explores the histories and lifespans of silver family heirlooms, their ability to reflect our own personal life stories and family histories, and the way they continue to connect us to one another. By composing portraits of these objects, she studies the character evident in their inherent design and ever-changing patina. Each singular object’s form, condition, and character transform an otherwise functional object into something rich with history and artistic beauty, with the power to reflect our own life stories and family histories in the process.