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Liz Brady

FZAW Online Artist Spotlight
March 2021 - June 2021

My recent artwork is a way to escape, dream, and float away.

I like to get away from everything that seems to be rushing toward me in real life and go somewhere peaceful and calm. I have painted clouds off and on for many years and have gained a new appreciation for them over this past year. We have all spent so much more time inside than we usually do and there is something nice about bringing a big piece of sky indoors. I work with my own images as well as images that I find online.

- Liz Brady  

Artist's Statement​

I have been living and painting in Santa Barbara for the past 35 years. Studies of earth, sky and the sea are prevalent in my most recent work.  The organic shapes and patterns of these forms are diverse, intriguing, and beautiful to me. I am moved by their simplicity and their complexity.  My airy, earthy, and watery palette is inspired by these forms and is full of rich greens, blues, yellows, and browns.  I paint with oil on wood panels so I can scratch and sand the surface as I paint a many-layered finish to capture an ethereal and spacious quality.

Artist's Biography​

Liz is a native Southern Californian and a UC Santa Barbara graduate with a studio arts degree. The vast prominence of the open ocean and sky has definitely influenced her work. She has been living and painting in Santa Barbara since 1988. She has shown her work in local venues such as Upstairs at Pierre LaFond, Sullivan Goss, Porch, Plum Goods, Imagine and was part of The Project Gallery. Currently, she shares a studio space at Green House Studios with her two good artist friends Erika Carter and Virginia McCracken. In addition to painting, Liz has recently begun delving into ceramics with her daughter, Hazel.  She is currently showing new work at Upstairs at Pierre LaFond in Montecito and is featured in the Sundance catalog.



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