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Apply Now to Participate in Studio to Student this Summer!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We have just wrapped up our first e-Mentorship class of the summer, “Writing Your Way Forward” with Cie Gumucio, and it was a huge success! With that being said, The Arts Fund is excited to promote three more e-Mentorships via the Studio to Student Program this summer:

  • “The Online Singer’s Workshop” with Chad Ruyle (July)

  • “College and Career Prep: Creating On-Camera Audition Videos for Performing Arts” with Michael Brusasco (July)

  • “Oil Painting: Book Cover Design” with Yuliya Lennon (August)

Through Studio to Student (S2S), a new art mentorship offering created by The Arts Fund in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, students have the opportunity to continue creating in spite of isolation and social distancing. In these workshops, students will learn valuable skills within their desired medium, receive instruction and personalized feedback from an experienced mentor, create lasting relationships with other young creatives, and become a part of our Mentorship Alumni Network. This network serves as a valuable resource, offering information about art competitions, grants, art schools application tips, and more.

Applications can be found here, as well as specific information regarding each individual e-Mentorship. Apply now for this unique learning experience!

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