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FLOW: 2-Day Interactive Art Installations during Experiment Weekend, curated by The Arts Fund

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Friday, April 19th 8pm-MIDNIGHT State Street Underpass


Saturday, April 20th 7:30pm-11pm 400 & 500 Blocks of State Street (Indian Market by Institution Ale & 99Cent Store Alleyway)

The Arts Fund is pleased to announce the opening of FLOW, a 2-day interactive light art installation experience, as part of Experiment Weekend, hosted by The City of Santa Barbara. Night One, (Friday, April 19th from 8pm-Midnight) features an immersive experience in the State Street Underpass, curated by The Arts Fund. Local artists, Kym Cochran, Alan Macy, Carlos Padilla, Tai Rodrig, Jonathan Smith, Ethan Turpin and Tim Wood, bring accessible, immersive and interactive installations to our community. We welcome the community to come experience the Underpass before or after visiting their favorite local restaurant. Night Two (Saturday, April 20th from 7:30pm-11pm) features two art installation sites on lower State Street. Marco Pinter brings three interactive projections to the 500 block of State Street; Tai Rodrig and Jonathan Smith create an interactive projection on the 400 block of State Street. To fully experience Experiment Weekend, we welcome the community to join us, before sundown, on the 400 or 500 block of State Street for al fresco dining and live music.

After a year of planning, The Arts Fund is thrilled to announce our partnership with The City of Santa Barbara to promote the arts and new ways to experience Downtown Santa Barbara. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the ongoing conversations and experiments that will impact the future of our community. The Arts Fund has been dedicated to the process and believes that the arts can be a powerful contributor to conversations that lead to positive change. We continue to be leaders, as art advocates and collaborators and believe that public art and accessibility to art is crucial to these conversations. FLOW features an incredible display of light, projections, video installations and interactive works by local artists to engage and ignite the vast possibilities of public art in our community. We hope that as many friends and families can come fall in love with the arts and perhaps see the role of art in Santa Barbara from a different perspective.

Torrie Cutbirth (Executive Director) & Jamie Dufek (Board Chair), The Arts Fund

Weekend Art Programming

Friday, April 19th 8pm-Midnight: State Street Underpass Experience

1. “The Channel Above”: Local Artists Jonathan PJ Smith, Tai Rodrig, Kym Cochran: Eight projector installations in two parts - Footage of Santa Barbara Channel kelp forests and sea creatures projected on the ceiling of the State Street Underpass.

2. “The Breathing Chair”: Local Artists Alan Macy, Tai Rodrig, Jonathan PJ Smith: Relax in a comfy chair. Your breathing will be projected onto the Underpass as a 3-D, expansive molecule expanding and contracting.

3. “The Font”: Local Artists Carlos Padilla, Alan Macy, Jonathan PJ Smith

Speak into a mic at the right pitch and sound wave patterns ripple across the surface of the water in The Font. For added intensity, these patterns are projected above.

4. “Roots”: Local Artist Tim Wood

Visitors are connected as “point clouds,” inverting their image projected onto the Underpass. Roots grow out of their arms downwards. Additional reaction fusion patterns of color are erased and grow back as visitors interact and walk through and passed the image.

5. “Big Scope”: Local Artist Ethan Turpin

Visitors reach in or look into the mouth of a giant Kaleidoscope; their image is then projected as a Kaleidoscope image onto the Underpass.

6. DJ Set by Andrew Elia of Party Proper

7. Wine and Beer Garden: Proceeds Benefit The Arts Fund towards future public art programming

Saturday, April 20th 7:30pm-11pm: 400 & 500 Blocks of State Street

1. “Fluid Connections”: Local Artist Marco Pinter 500 Block (Indian Market near Institution Ale)

A body-based interactive installation that explores movement and interpersonal boundaries and connections. Approaching the installation, a visitor sees a silhouette of themselves, but their limbs are long, fluid, floating in the breeze. Movement of the body creates ripples in these ephemeral extensions. When two people are each interacting with the piece, and then their fluid limbs cross. They combine, and they are connected. Energy visibly pulses between the bodies.

2. “Time Dilation”: Local Artist Marco Pinter 500 Block (Indian Market near Institution Ale)

An exploration of the body in time. Participants are able to have a conversation with echoes of their own body over time. The visitor is in control of an ensemble of three versions of themselves, spread out in time. The artwork facilitates group explorations of movement, causality and effect.

3. “Unraveled”: Local Artist Marco Pinter 500 Block (Indian Market near Institution Ale)

An interactive piece is a body-based interactive installation that explores movement and interpersonal boundaries and connections. It exists as a contemplative experience for a single visitor, and yet when two people -- even strangers -- interact with the piece, something unexpected happens. They combine, and they are connected. Limbs jumble together, body parts are swapped and shared. It is thus an exploration of physical connection, mindfulness, embodiment and interpersonal creativity.

4. “Big Peeps of Santa Barbara”: Local Artists Tai Rodrig & Jonathan PJ Smith 400 Block (99Cent Store Alleyway)

The people of Santa Barbara will be projected large on the entrance to an alleyway on the 400 block of State Street, turning them into giants in real-time.

About the Arts Fund

The Arts Fund ( was established as a nonprofit in 1983. Our mission is to create, fund and administer programs that foster the arts for the people of Santa Barbara County, to maximize the effectiveness of arts resources, and to nurture collaborative relationships between arts organizations.

We offer 6 core programs that support our mission, including the Teen Arts Mentorship Program, Public Art Program, Funk Zone Art Walk™, Out Loud Literary Arts Program, Community Gallery and Guest Curator Program.

For more information about our programs, how to get involved, or to make a tax-deductible donation please visit or e-mail

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