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Resistance & Resilience: Art for the People - Community Gallery Exhibition

The Arts Fund’s current gallery space at 120 S Hope Ave. F119 in La Cumbre Plaza is now home to an exhibition curated by local artists Adriana Arriaga & Barbara Parmet: Resistance & Resilience: Art for the People.

The intention of the show is to focus on highlighting the identities, resilience and social justice work from the perspective of the working class and Artists of Color living in Santa Barbara County.

Arriaga and Parmet explain that the show centers around the resistance and resilience of artists through their work. “We acknowledge the many ways artists contribute to social change. Whether our art focuses on protest, decolonization or celebrating culture, our creativity is the result of our ancestors who fought for our existence to be here. We honor their resistance against oppression through our work. By celebrating our community and defying injustice we say, ‘Respect existence or expect resistance'.”

There are five featured artists in this show Solange Aguilar, Veronica Sanchez, Desiree Porter, Khaatia Vantiger and Guest Curator, Adriana Arriaga.

August 24th - October 22nd, 2022

Regular Gallery Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday - Saturday 11am-7pm

The Arts Fund Art Walk and Opening Reception

September 16th, from 5 pm - 8 pm

Artist Talk

September 30th, 5pm-6pm

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