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Sisyphean Justice - Community Gallery Exhibit

Friday, January 18, 2019 — Friday, March 1, 2019

The Arts Fund is pleased to announce the opening of Sisyphean Justice, an exhibition of four multidisciplinary local artists focusing on social justice, mental health and identity, curated by Kevin Claiborne. A reception will be held at The Arts Fund Community Gallery on Friday, January 18, 2019 from 5-8pm during the Funk Zone Art Walk. Sisyphean Justice will feature work by Matt Brown, Kevin Claiborne, Elisa Ortega and Toni Scott.

The Greek myth of Sisyphus references a cruel king punished with rolling a heavy stone up a hill only for it to fall once reaching the top, forcing him to begin again, repeating this cycle for eternity. In similar fashion, the fight for justice and freedom can be quite laborious, seemingly endless, and possibly futile. When fighting for justice, what are the effects on one’s mental sanity, social life, identity development, and spiritual health? Is justice even truly possible to obtain if the definition continuously evolves? Sisyphean Justice, curated by Kevin Claiborne, contains the work of four multidisciplinary artists utilizing various mediums to convey the resilience, resolve, and resistance necessary when communities, particularly those that are disenfranchised or marginalized, find themselves striving for justice, however hopeless the task. The common denominator between artists Matt Brown, Kevin Claiborne, Elisa Ortega, and Toni Scott lies in the fact that each of them uses their art to analyze and dissect various aspects of the human condition with the goal to empower diverse communities and ultimately create progressive social change.

- Kevin Claiborne, Curator

The exhibition will be on view until March 1, 2019 at The Arts Fund Community Gallery, located at 205-C Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Regular gallery hours are Thursday- Sunday from 12pm to 5pm and Monday through Wednesday by appointment only. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

About the Arts Fund

The Arts Fund ( was established as a nonprofit in 1983. Our mission is to create, fund and administer programs that foster the arts for the people of Santa Barbara County, to maximize the effectiveness of arts resources, and to nurture collaborative relationships between arts organizations.

We offer 5 core programs that support our mission, including the Teen Arts Mentorship Program, Public Art Program, Community Gallery, Guest Curator Program and Funk Zone Art Walk.

For more information about our programs, how to get involved, or to make a tax-deductible donation please visit or e-mail

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