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Sara Wilcox

FZAW Online Artist Spotlight
March 2021 - June 2021

When I was asked to send a poster that I created to honor the Conception Boat Tragedy to a grieving family member of one of the victims, I was deeply honored. Providing a tiny bit of solace to someone in unimaginable pain is solid confirmation that art heals. What a beautiful way to be in service of others while doing what I love.

- Sara Wilcox  

“Making the World a Brighter Place to Live”   |    805.455.6269

Artist's Statement​

I’ve always been inspired by nature, color, and form. My work is about the swirls in life that we go through as humans, the cycles, and the healing that take place as we go through the motions and emotions. My feeling is that we get to choose how we travel through these swirls, slides, and straight-up curveballs. We can choose to be taken down or choose to rise up through the mud – which is the path with the most reward. This is what I try to express and encourage through my art – healing and rising up through adversity no matter how difficult it may be.


Making art is an essential part of who I am as a human. I feel like my purpose in life is to provide inspiration, levity, positive light, and color one brushstroke at a time both around the block and around the world. If my work can share a different perspective, or provide a spirit boost for someone even just for a moment, then I have succeeded. 

Artist's Biography​

Sara Wilcox is a Santa Barbara native, where she has been making art ever since she was able to hold a pencil. During and after attending Santa Barbara High School she took numerous painting and drawing classes at Santa Barbara City College, then skipped off to the desert and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Arizona State University. After four years in the desert, she was ready to return to her hometown on the beach where she studied graphic and web design over the next 10 years. Wilcox spent nearly 3 years in Hollywood after the success of a documentary film she was in – and birthed two businesses in fine art instead of following the acting trail. Mural painting and doing henna tattoos became her full-time focus until the pandemic started in 2020 when being in close proximity to others wasn’t safe. During COVID she has completed several murals, many custom paintings and always has projects going on the side in her downtown studio.

Wilcox has traveled to far corners of the earth to see how others express themselves through art.  She's gained insight and inspiration from the many cultures and countries she has studied.

She has specific ties to South East Asia - particularly Thailand for its art, culture, and incredible elephant sanctuaries. And also with China, she is also a board member with Santa Barbara/Weihai Sister City Association. In 2019 she went to Weihai with fellow board members and gifted a painting she did of Santa Barbara, that was beautifully received.



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